Fold Up PVC Doors

High Speed Fold Up Doors

Folding PVC High Speed ​​Doors Your expectations from the industrial doors in your facility are working in heavy traffic, difficult and variable weather conditions, opening and closing hundreds of times a day, reducing waste of time, reducing air currents to a minimum, making your existing space more hygienic, and minimizing image and noise pollution to your door. -Flex Industrial PVC Folding type fast door should be.

The structure of the product is made of galvanized steel. Optionally available in stainless steel and painted version.

Folding PVC High Speed ​​Doors or Rolling High Speed ​​Doors are the fast door solutions that can easily meet the intense entrance and exit needs needed in the industrial work areas.

Folding PVC Fast Door Systems is one of the indispensable solutions that makes working environments livable, as well as isolating air currents and also isolating dust, moisture, image and noise pollution.

High Speed Shutter Doors It can be used easily in all points that need fast passage such as pharmaceutical and food industry, automotive service, housing estate and closed parking lots.

High speed door, PVC fast door, Tarpaulin door, Turbo door, Spiral door, Factory interior door, Industrial fast door, Self repairing door, Zipper door, Emergency escape fast door, Insulated fast door, Folding PVC Fast Doors offers Ezer automatic door systems, PAW brand After-sales service and support services and institutions and organizations in the industrial door industry has managed to become an important solution.

Folding PVC High Speed Door prices vary according to the size and material used. If you wish, our sales and project team can design the right products and the right solutions at the location you need.

Paw Automatic Door Systems add power to professional transition needs around the world. Designed to maximize productivity, Folding PVC Quick Doors are compact solutions used by PVC products that make your job easier.

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Max. Opening Speed 1.0 mt/s ±
Max. Closing Speed 0.5 mt/s ±
Control Unit Automatik/Manuel
Wind Resistance Class 1
Power 230 /400 VAC
Certificate UNE EN 13241-1:2003+A1:2011


PVC Thickness 900 / ( 1700 Optional) mt2/Gr
Working Intensity Busy
Fire Resistance Optinal
Clear Window 1 Line
Automation Compability 24 VDC
Safety Safety Photocell System
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