Freezer Door

It is mostly used in the food sector and in other sectors (health, chemistry, etc.) as the passage doors of storage areas conditioned as frozen storage. Due to the processing and storage conditions of the respective products, the passage doors of these areas cooled to -25 ° C may require different qualities and characteristics depending on the manufacturing process.

The most important issue to be considered in this class of doors is that the thermal bridges are broken with precision. Because the difference between the internal and external temperatures of the frozen storage area is high. Errors in the production and installation of such doors, which should have critical design details in terms of energy efficiency, lead to high cooling costs.

Special solutions are provided to solve the problem of icing on the floor, wing or case.

Solutions are produced according to the quality and needs of the production facility such as door clear passage dimensions, wing opening qualities (right, left, up), wing operating principle (hinged, sliding, folding), existing transport systems (monorail, conveyor). Doors and doors that meet the needs of the user can be produced with accessories that can be applied optionally with wing and frame features and alternatives.

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Control Unit Optional
Motor System Optional
Maintained Temp. -80 / 5 Celcius
Panel Thickness 70/80/90/100/120/150 mm
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