PAW-MAXI Mega Hangar Doors

It is used in production facilities, airplane hangars, shipyards and recycling facilities thanks to its high usage performance compatible with all kinds of industrial environments.

Thanks to the special extruded aluminum rails of Paw-Maxi, it not only guides the door body up and down, but also minimizes air currents entering the area of ​​use.

The door opens automatically and closes with controlled button. Opening and closing speed according to door system dimensions is 0,15 m – 0,3 m / s. Paw-Maxi Hangar doors consist of double-walled canvas and provide a high level of wind resistance with reinforced body structure. The control panel complies with IP 65 standards.

The most prominent features of the door system require minimal space loss in the installation location of the door, allowing maximum use of your doorway.

With the rope rupture safety system, the standards carried the highest points.

Information Form
Max. Opening Speed 0.35 m/s ±
Max. Closing Speed 0.5 m/s ±
Wind Resistance Class 2-4
Control Unit Auto. / Man.
Voltage 400 VAC
Certificate UNE EN 13241-1:2003+A1:2011
PVC Thickness 900 m2/Gr
Fire Resistance Optional
Vision Window Optional
Automation Compability 24 VDC
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