Revolving Doors

Özellikle Dairesel yapılarda tercih edilen mimari projeye tamamen uyabilen ve bütünlük sağlayan çok şık kapılardır. Düz cepheli binalarda da doğru kullanım ve detay çözümü ile dikkat çekici girişler yaratır.

PAW-CIRCULAR doors can be produced as Semicircular, Curved, Fully circular, concave and convex. It provides high pass safely wherever it is used.

Automatic Circular Sliding Doors As standard, they are produced in the outer diameter range of 1600 mm – 5400 mm It is possible to produce in different widths and heights of different passages with 1,2 or 4 leaves. It has various color and surface alternatives. Fully complies with EN16005 norms for safety reasons.

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Max. Opening Speed 0,5 m/s ±
Max. Closing Speed 0,35 m/s ±
Contol Unit Auto. / Man.
Voltage 230 VAC
Automation Connection 24 VDC
Working Intensity Busy
Safety Safety Photocell
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