Sectional Door

Multipurpose ceiling opening pallet doors for industrial buildings are made of steel. It is an ideal system with motor and manual for all industrial buildings such as factory and warehouse.

The 615 or 495 mm panels forming the door are connected to each other by hinges made of steel, aluminum or stainless steel with electrostatic painted color. The panels with a thickness of 42 mm and thermal coefficient of 0.78 W / m2K consist of two steel, aluminum or stainless steel sheets, filled with polyurethane foam with a density of 40 kg / m3.

There are strong steel plates in the panel which increase the wind resistance. Thanks to EPDM seals, high insulation against rain and wind is provided on the sides, bottom and top. Balanced doors can be easily opened and closed manually without the need for an engine. The doors have a safety system against spring breaks and rope throws.

The panels and rails have special details that prevent finger pinching.

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Max. Opening Speed 0.35 m/s ±
Max. Closing Speed 0,35 m/s ±
Wind Resistance Class 2-4
Control Unit Auto. / Man.
Voltage 230 /400 VAC
Certificate UNE EN 13241-1:2003+A1:2011
Panel Thickness 42 mm
Panel Metarial Alu. / Steel
Insulation PU Filled
Working Intensity Standard
Vision Panel Optional
Automation Compability 24 VDC
Safety Safety Edge
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