Self Repairing Doors

Self Repairing Zipper Type Doors

The features of Paw-Zipper, high speed working performance , self-repair and aesthetic appearance make our product profitable and indispensable for you facility.

Thanks to Paw-Zipper’s special column zipper and flexible rail systems , which are not found in their counterparts , the curtain system comes out of the rail after impact on the system. The system automatically re-wraps the curtain up withou trequiring service, re-seats on the special wail and repairs itself. In this way , traffic and production are not interrupted. Thanks to this feature , repair and maintenance costs are minimized.

Thanks to its strong zippered columns and special flexible rail systems, wind and pressure resistance is at its highest level.

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Max. Opening Speed 1.0 m/s ±
Max. Closing Speed 0.5 m/s ±
Wind Resistance Class 1
Control Panel Auto. / Man.
Certificate UNE EN 13241-1:2003+A1:2011


PVC Thickness 900 / 1700 gr/m2
Operating Intensity Busy
Window 1 Line
Automation Compatibility 24 VDC
Safety Safety Photocell
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