Sliding Doors

Automatic sliding doors have the design and technology suitable for you to use fast and safe passage in the most economical way today. It offers wide entrances in narrow spaces without loss of space.

Automatic sliding doors are the most preferred doors in business centers, public buildings, industrial facilities, schools, hotels, hospitals, factories, shopping malls and even in residential areas today and are compatible with today’s technology, providing comfortable transitions for millions of people.

In the buildings it is used, there are different opening types to meet the needs in the best way and it provides flexible alternatives for use in accordance with the project.

PAW-SLIDE can be used as an automatic glass sliding door entry system in a stylish design and greater transparency, wide horizons, and an attractive depth in spaces.

PAW-SLIDE Photocell Glass Doors are automatic doors with all standards required for guarantee and security.

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Max. Opening Speed 0.5 m/s ±
Max. Closing Speed 0.35 m/s ±
Control Panel Auto. / Man.
Voltage 230 VAC
Material Aluminum
Operating Intensity Busy
Automation Compatibility 24 VDC
24 VDC 4+4 Lamine
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