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Ezer Automatic Doors - PAW Manufacturer of High Speed Doors in Turkey

It makes significant investments in after-sales services in order to ensure that all the products it produces and supplies are used safely and efficiently throughout their physical lives. Ezer Kapı Manufacturer of Industrial High Speed Doors in Turkey as which can provide repair services to all doors it produces at home and abroad with its experienced teams, can also meet all spare parts needs for these products.

As a result thanks to its partners, it serves a wide portfolio of customers in foreign and domestic markets, additionally and maintains its seriousness and determination in the sector by penetrating new markets around the world every day. Manufacturer of Industrial High Speed Doors in Turkey produces High production quality, making the latest technology affordable and usable, fast production time, on-time delivery, economical spare parts warranty and service have been the main principles of our company.

EZER Kapı as Manufacturer of Industrial High Speed Doors in Turkey's business philosophy is to produce durable goods in the sector, to lead with its own new models and designs, to go further, to maximize technological developments and to offer the best competitive prices in the markets to its customers.

  • Rolling Doors / Paw-Roll
  • Conveyor Doors
  • Robot Cabin Doors / Paw-Robo
  • Zipper Doors / Paw-Zipper
  • Emergency Exit Doors
  • Insulated Doors / Paw-Izo
  • Folding Doors / Paw-Flex
  • Self-Repairing Doors / Paw-Eagle
  • Hangar Doors / Paw-Maxi
  • Turbo Spiral Doors / Paw-Speedy
  • Sectional Doors
  • Full View Sectional Doors
  • Rolling Metal Doors
  • Dull Room Doors
  • Loading Bellows / Paw-Pax
  • Loading Ramps / Paw-Pass
  • Fire Resistant Doors
  • Garage Door
  • Barrier Systems
  • Photocell Glass Doors
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