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Date : 18.01.2022


Our Working Principles

Our primary aim in products and services is; We continue our activities based on the principles of QUALITY UNDERSTANDING, OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY, ENVIRONMENTAL AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY SENSITIVITY, INFORMATION SECURITY and advanced sustainability principles. The continuity of our company in the domestic and foreign markets is possible with constant product and service quality. In parallel, the quality of our products and services begins with the quality and responsibility of our employees. Ezer Automatic Door Systems has created and implemented all its policies based on sustainability principles.

Our Purpose and the Principles We Adhere to;

• Combining the values ​​of Ezer Automatic Door Systems with its goals and strategies and achieving the target
To grow with continuous development in the market,
• By offering our products and services to our customers with increasing quality, before our competitors, and
To maintain our competitive advantage,
• With a planned and systematic organization throughout the company in order to ensure continuity in quality.
To reach the targeted quality level, to continuously improve and improve,
• Applying an innovation and efficiency approach in all processes,
• To increase the satisfaction of our employees who aim for quality at all stages of our production,
• To carry out research and development studies at world standards,


• To act ethically and with a sense of responsibility in all our businesses and activities,
• Fulfilling labor law requirements, local and international standards with Integrated Management System Standards
to ensure compliance with the law,
• Respecting the rights and personality of each individual, not allowing verbal, physical or psychological harassment,
and to act fairly,
• Not to pressure employees to join or not join the union,
• Avoiding forced or compulsory labor,
• Complying with the principle of volunteering overtime and not exceeding the periods determined by law,
• Complying with working hours determined by law
• Not to employ child workers under the age of 15 who comply with the scope of child labor in all our businesses,
• In our businesses, there is no discrimination against our employees on issues such as language, religion, race, national origin, gender and opinion.
not to apply,
• Carrying out activities to reduce the risk values of the hazards identified in our business,
• Ensuring that complaints and suggestions from employees are evaluated in accordance with the standards,
Not to allow any retaliation, discrimination or punishment against those who do so,
• To announce the requirements of our policy to our business partners and to supervise their compliance with these requirements.
and support,
• As management and employees, we emphasize the importance we attach to education, quality development, environment and social responsibility.
Raising the standards of company employees and improving environmental awareness by providing relevant training


• Always prioritizing the Human Health and Safety of our employees,
• Carrying out activities to prevent accidents and occupational diseases in our business,
• Working in compliance with environmental laws regarding our sector, establishing trust in environmental practices.
to ensure,
• To ensure the most effective use of the energy we consume,
• To minimize the pollution we create during our activities,
• Minimizing the use of natural resources as much as possible,
• To ensure that our waste is disposed of in a way that does not harm the environment,
• To provide all the activities that need to be done regarding recycling,
• Continuously developing with an environmentally friendly approach in parallel with technological developments,


• Ensuring that information security management system requirements comply with Ezer Automatic Door systems processes.
to ensure that
• We encourage all our employees and stakeholders to meet applicable requirements regarding information security.
to direct,
• Ensuring ISO 27001 Information Security conditions, systems and infrastructures that ensure information security
to create,
• It is up to management to initiate, implement and control information security within our organization.
is your responsibility.
• To protect personal data in accordance with KVKK.


• All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They have reason and conscience and
They should act towards each other with a spirit of brotherhood.
• Everyone, regardless of race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or any other belief, national or social origin, property,
to enjoy all rights and freedoms, regardless of birth or any other distinction,
can. Furthermore, whether they are citizens of an independent country, under tutelage, non-autonomous or
about a person, whether he or she is a national of a country subject to another jurisdiction,
There is no difference in terms of the political, legal or international status of the country or country.
will not be observed.
• Every individual has the right to life, freedom and personal security.
• Everyone has the right to have their legal personality recognized wherever they are.
• Every person has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; This right includes freedom to change religion or belief,
his religion or belief, individually or collectively, publicly or privately, through teaching, practice, worship and
It includes the freedom to manifest through rituals.
• Every person should have access to rest, entertainment, especially reasonable limitation of working time, and
are entitled to paid holidays during certain periods.
• Human Rights violations and complaint hotline has been established by our company and communicated with individuals and within the company.
has been announced. This policy is posted on internal bulletin boards, on the internet, in accordance with the Transparency Principle.
It is announced to all our employees on our website and in its sections, and to third parties if requested.
and/or shared

Management; It undertakes to spread and develop the Quality understanding, Occupational Health and Safety understanding, Environmental understanding, Social Responsibility understanding and Information Security understanding throughout the system within the company.
Our company achieves its goals thanks to its employees embracing and embracing continuous improvement.



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